Angry Birds Rio 2011

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Angry Birds Rio 2011

Angry Birds Rio 2011

Angry Birds fans, its confirmed, a new edition of the blockbuster smartphone and console game is coming in March, and itll be called Angry Birds Rio. Interspersed with characters from Rio, the upcoming animated feature from 20th Century Fox, Angry Birds Rio will revolve around the kidnapping of those annoyed avians. As you can see in the video above, theyre hustled off to Rio de Janeiro via helicopter for an unscheduled vacation in a dark cave. Once they escape their cages, they find hundreds of others suffering the same fate, triggering a 45-level battle between the birds and their evil captors.

System requirements:
OS Windows XP/Vista/7
Graphic OpenGL 1.3 compatible
Internet Connection required for activation


1. Go to the activation folder and copy the AngryBirdsRiopatched.exe to game folder.

2. Then go to C - Windows - System32 - drivers - etc folder. Open hosts file with NotPad.

3. Add to end of line. Save and close.

4. Then again go to Activation folder and open. Extract to C:Web.

5.Go to activation folder and copy the www file to C:Web folder inside.

6. Then go to C:Web folder start the iws.exe.

7. Write to Public Folder: www and click the OK.

8. Open the Internet browser write the and enter.

It should be to write status .valid-key.

9. Then again write to Internet browser and enter.

Again It must says status .valid-key.

10. Finally go to game folder from AngryBirdsRiopatched.exe to enter the game.

11. Open the game and click the ACTIVATE FULL VERSION.

12. Enter the any serial then click the Register.

13. Enjoy

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